Disney Pin - I Collect Series - Holiday

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This pin is the December, and final release of the I Collect series. It is bright Red on the top with Black on the bottom. I thin gold band separates the top from the bottom. A white circle is in the bottom left corner reading “I collect (in light Green) HOLIDAY (in bright Red), underscored in gold, … pins (in light Green). At the center bottom is a clasp outlined in gold. In the middle of the clasp is a circle with Mickey’s head and the words Pin Trading above it. In the center top is a Mickey Icon cut-out. Peeking through are a smiling Mickey (wearing a Santa’s hat and Red scarf) and Minnie wearing her Red bow and a Green scarf. Peeking through in the left ear is a Gingerbread man and in the right ear a Peppermint candy. There is a small Black chord running around the top, from left to right, as if it were a purse. The top is hinged and when opened reveals Mickey and Minnie surrounded by 9 additional Christmas treats, food and toys. Disney Parks Authentic Limited Edition of 2,000 Measures Approximately Closed 2" w x 1 7/8" h - Open 2" w x 3 1/2" h

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