Disney Pin - Key to Imagination - Pluto - 90th Anniversary

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This pin is a replica of the DS Key to Imagination that was specially designed to celebrate Pluto’s 90th Anniversary. The D that makes the bow of the key, on the far left is yellow and covered with goldenrod yellow paw prints. The shaft is silver and bookended with green collars. Between the green are two Plutos. The first (on the left) is designed in grey tones and is how Pluto appeared in his first appearance in 1930 in “The Chain Gang.” The second (on the right) is designed to represent how Pluto looks today in full color with his yellow fur and green collar. The 1930’s Pluto is on a grey background while the modern Pluto is on a blue background that is separated by a sunburst of negative space. “PLUTO” is spelled out in red lettering along the key’s throat and the castle that makes up key bit is yellow. Disney Authentic

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