Disney Pin - Pin of the Month - Kingdom Consoles - Jungle Book - Mowgli

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This is a pin from the Kingdom Consoles series featuring The Jungle Book. As with all pins in the series, this is a 3D pin-on-pin. There is a base pin featuring a screen shot from the game in which Mowgli is walking down a jungle path collecting bananas, it shows 4 Full red Hearts and 1 empty with a banana and 67 in the top right corner. Attached to the base pin is a gaming console and a sliding game cartridge with the words "Walt Disney The Jungle Book" and a picture of Baloo. A controller is attached to the console by a plastic line and also attached by magnet to the base pin. Disney Parks Authentic Limited Edition of 4,000 Measures Approximately " w x 1 3/4" h

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